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Mag-Filer Services

Mag-Filer can help with part of – or the entire process

Are you ready to simplify your tax filing process? Look no further! Our E-File service is designed to make your life easier and save you time. With our user-friendly platform, you can file your taxes hassle-free. Here's what we offer:


No matter your tax filing needs, our team is dedicated to providing you with the most convenient and cost-effective solutions. Say goodbye to the stress of tax season and hello to easy, hassle-free E-Filing.


Ready to get started or have questions? Give us a call or start E-Filing today! Your tax season just got a whole lot simpler.

E-Filing Only (1099's)

You import and proof the Payee information, we handle the Filing; This is especially helpful if you do not have an IRS Transmitter Control Code (TCC).  We can help!


One-Time Filing - Only $50

E-File your forms for just $50. It's quick, easy, and affordable. Say goodbye to complicated IRS Registration processes.


Unlimited Filings

Sometimes the IRS will reject your file for some reason.  With Mag-Filer, you can E-File your forms as many times as you want, and the cost remains the same – just $50! No hidden fees or surprises.


Combined Federal and State Support

Our E-Filing service fully supports combined federal and state tax filings. We make it seamless and straightforward, ensuring you meet all your obligations.

This service is initiated in the Mag-Filer program at the E-Filing window.  Please review the service agreement and start the process in Mag-Filer

(Note: Some timelines impact this service)



You create a PRINT file from Mag-Filer and have the hassles of mailing handled Mag-Filer. We offer a convenient and secure domestic mailing service for just $1.66 per form.  

Please create a Tax Form PDF print file in Mag-Filer and contact Customer Service to submit your file for processing at or 800.565-6576

(Note: Some timelines impact this service)


Full Service

You provide us with your raw data in a CSV file, you proof the data to make sure we’ve processed it to your liking, then we E-File for you (and optionally print/mail the forms). 

  • Base service fee - $390

  • Importing and E-Filing - .80 per payee

  • Printing/Mailing - $1.66 per payee (standard laser generated forms)

  • IRS TIN Matching - $150 per Payer/Payee list

  • Other – some other fees may apply to extended services.  Customer Service will work through any of those details with you.


With this service, we retain your tax records for 3 years!  We help with any IRS original or corrected filing issues.


Please contact Customer Service if you are interested in full service at or 800.565-6576


(Note: Some timelines impact this service)

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